“We have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and His teaching in our past history.”  Life Sketches, p. 196, by Ellen G. White

“And the Lord shall guide thee continually” Isaiah 58:11

God has been working mightily at the Fannin County Seventh-day Adventist Church near Blue Ridge, GA.  We have seen Him answering prayers all through the year. Following an Unlocking Revelation Seminar preached by our Pastor Rusu and five Church Elders, Ronnie Hold, Rudy Bata, Mark Cadavero, Chris Fannon and Carroll Ledbetter, and all the activities and outreach that led up to it, our faithful Lord blessed us with five souls.

He has been leading us through a Diabetes Undone Seminar with follow-up cooking classes.  God has greatly blessed our Tuesday outreach, week by week, as our Better Living Center shares with those in need through groceries, clothing and a free community meal, serving 50-60 per week.  We thank the Lord for each hard-working member and those that pick up the slack when one of our numbers is down. At Thanksgiving God blessed us to share over 125 food baskets beside the weekly food boxes, hot meal, and clothes.

The response to our health ministry has led us to conduct plant-based whole foods cooking schools which have been well attended.  Our guest chefs this past year were Carin and Ron Lynch of LIGHT ministries. It was a joy to get to know them and rejoice in their ministry at Fannin County and all over the world.

Our Youth are active as speakers for the church service, sharing their musical talents for special music, leading song service and the Youth String Ensemble that plays at nursing homes and for our Agape feast. They also take part in fund-raising for our Missions.

Our Mission Board chooses an overseas mission for each quarter to have a part in the worldwide Three Angels message being shared.  We are rejoicing to share approximately $50,000 per year for these needy areas of the Lord’s Vineyard.

What more can we say of the Bible Studies being shared, the faithful work of the Deacons/Deaconesses/Greeters to maintain and uplift our church plant and to help with our sister church at Blairsville?  Our local radio station, afghan ministry, Finance Committee, Social Committee, Library, Sabbath School and Social Committees all lead souls to Jesus and invite God’s holy angels to use our feeble efforts to His glory. 

As a wonderful means to draw our church together as we plan for 2020, Days of Prayer were conducted at church, ending with a foot-washing service, Communion, and Agape Feast followed by dividing up over 50 attendees into prayer groups to lift up our praises to God and plead for the very greatest gift heaven can bestow, the Holy Spirit.  Yes, our five new members were in attendance and we rejoice in their fellowship, service and the enthusiasm they share for Jesus, His Word, and His Church. All glory to God for how He has led us and His great plans for His people in Fannin County, Georgia-Cumberland Conference sister churches, Southern Union and around the world. May we be faithful to His call and spend time with Him daily in His Word as we are used by God to seek and save that which was lost and bring them to Jesus!