Did you know that 150 people were baptized at Weimar Institute health programs?

Did you know that the General Conference is donating $20,000 to Weimar for their effective student and staff weekly community outreach program?

Did you know that Weimar-trained leaders in comprehensive health evangelism are receiving invitations throughout the world?

Why do we need to train more workers?

Did you know that…

  • There are 43 cities of 1 million or more without even 1 Adventist congregation?
  • There are 45 cities of 1 million or more with fewer than 10 Adventists?
  • Over 40% of the world’s population is designated as unreached?
  • Southeast Asia has 600 languages (13,600,000 speakers) without Scripture portions or Christian recordings
  • Indonesia has 543 people groups whose primary language does not have Bible portions, totaling nearly 40,000,000 individuals?
  • There are about 458,000 villages in India with no known Christian presence?
  • An estimated 3,000,000,000 people (three billion) have never even heard of Jesus?
  • Millions go to Christless graves every year?

Would you like to help train workers for God’s cause?

That’s what our gifts to General Missions during the third quarter will help to accomplish.

The church board has voted to help the world church by helping Weimar Institute because…

  • It is focusing on the entering wedge—medical missionary work
  • It is working closely with the world church
  • Its graduates are in demand all over the world
  • It gives practical training with every student and faculty member involved in weekly community outreach


Weimar Institute in California exists to heal a hurting world, and intends to accomplish this through an institution of higher education committed to Biblical principles and inspired ideals of Seventh-day Adventist education. Weimar’s goal is to follow Jesus by developing leaders in comprehensive health evangelism through competent modeling and education—both theoretical and practical.

Since God offers the best, most effective methods of education, only by following these methods can we be sure of imparting true education to our students. The school summarizes the principles of true education with the acronym HEAL.

Health and Wellness
Academic Excellence
Labor and Service