In the little country of Cambodia, only about 1% of people are Christians, while over 95% are Buddhists, and 2% are Muslims.

Take a moment to think about what this means. With a population of over 15 million, how many people in just this one country alone are dying every day without knowing Jesus?

As a church family, we have an opportunity to help this country in a way that has the potential to reach many families for Christ.

The Cambodian Adventist Mission and ASAP Ministries have translated a series of Bible lessons published by My Bible First. This series presents the principal stories of the Bible from Creation to the second coming of Jesus. The stories are printed in the Cambodian language in four beautiful, full-color booklets.

Many Cambodians of all ages are eager to learn to read; and our church has taken advantage of this opportunity by establishing literacy schools throughout the country. In these schools, the Bible is the main textbook, and each child receives a beautiful Bible lesson booklet. It is the first book many of these children have ever owned. Can you imagine how interested the whole family must be when a child comes home with one of them? Since most who attend these literacy schools are not Christians, this is an excellent evangelistic opportunity.

This quarter, contributions to our General Missions fund will help the Cambodian Adventist Mission print these beautiful Bible lessons, which cost just one dollar per quarterly booklet.

A dollar doesn’t seem like very much. We often spend a lot of dollars on ourselves without thinking about it. But as we prayerfully consider how we spend each of our dollars, let us remember that rightly spent, a dollar may be the means of saving a soul from eternal death. Rightly spent, our little dollars may bring much joy and rejoicing to the heart of our loving Savior who came to seek and save that which was lost.

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